BIPV Modules

Our BIPV modules integrate seamlessly into buildings. Traditional materials are replaced by new energetically active ones. As construction elements, they comply with different practical aspects such as mechanical resistance and stability; structural integrity; safety of use; protection against the climate.

Solar Roof Tiles

The architectural integration of photovoltaic tiles in the constructions, makes possible the creation of glazed surfaces that, besides being an aesthetic and functional novelty, generate electrical energy, improving the thermal and acoustic isolation of the buildings, allowing also the realization of a solar control and the electrical autonomy with the consequent energetic savings.

Customized PV Modules

We manufacture custom modules fully customized in power, size and technology. We provide solutions for the replacement of low efficiency photovoltaic modules manufactured in previous years that are not on the market. Facilitating the replacement of damaged PV modules, avoiding the repowering of Photovoltaic Plants and the modification of the support structure.

Standar PV Modules

We offer our product range of standard high performance Photovoltaic Modules. BIPV Solutions uses state-of-the-art materials to manufacture its photovoltaic modules. Our modules are ideal for any type of application that uses the photoelectric effect as a source of clean energy, due to its minimal chemical pollution and zero noise pollution. Thanks to their design, they can be easily integrated into any type of installation.