Location: Yecla (Murcia) SPAIN

Power: 2,30 MWp           Panels: 13.157 paneles           Mode: BIPV-P156-48-175


According to the customers requirements, BIPV Solutions customized photovoltaic modules with the following characteristics:


Size: 1324 x 992 x 40 mm

Front: tempered glass with high transmissivity

Cells: 48 units Monocrystalline, 6 inches / 156×156 mm

Backsheet: TPT

Power: 175 Wp



The purpose of the project is to carry out the replacement of damaged FV panels installed in 2-axis trackers.

The existing PV panels were installed in 2008. These PV panels are composed of 48 monochrystalline 6-inch cells, with a PV module size specified in the previous section. The client requests the replacement of the damaged PV modules that comply with:


* Same number of PV cells with the same dimensions.

* Same size of the PV modules installed to avoid modifications to the existing structure.

* Most importantly, have the same peak power, to avoid repowering.


As is evident, the technical characteristics of the previous modules are discontinued in the conventional market. To comply with the premises, BIPV Solutions made all the PV panels complying with the technical characteristics indicated by the clients. In this way, BIPV Solutions customized the manufacture of the PV modules, solving the customer’s needs.



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